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>>> good morning from new york. i'm chris hayes. in his weekly radio address president obama marked the second anniversary of the end of u.s. combat or operations in iraq and reminded americans of the, quote, still difficult work ahead of us in afghanistan. and more than 5,000 louisiana residents remain in emergency shelters as the remnants of isaac move north along the gulf coast. >>> but first my story of the week. america lost. this week the republican party gathered in tampa to tell a terrible and tragic tale of american decline. they couldn't quite say that explicitly, of course. this is the party of reagan and sunny optimism or so they'd like to present themselves. but you couldable help notice that the three days of speeches on the convention floor were an orgy of days gone by. the packaging for this message was an insist stent indication of american greatness. as rachel maddow's team covered it, almost every single speaker told a story of upward mobility usually taken from their own family's past, tracing the arc of the american dream that brought them to the podium. >> my d
this morning president obama said that ambassador chris stevens died a hero in two countries. more on the latest in the middle east in just a moment. right now i'm joined by heather hurlburt, executive director of the national security network and former speech writer for president bill clinton. re reza asian. phyllis bennis who directs the new barrier nationalism project at the institute for policy studies and zainab salbi founder of women for women international. it assists women survivors of war. the taliban are claiming responsibility for an attack on a british military base in afghanistan this morning that killed two u.s. marines. unlike previous attacks, this time the taliban says it was in response to the same anti-muslim film that set off a swell of violent protests in other parts of the region. libya, egypt, morocco, pakistan, algeria, kuwait, india, iraq just to name a few. in tunisia yesterday protesters breached the wall of the u.s. embassy where two people have died and 29 others have been hurt. in sudan, meanwhile, demonstrators got both the u.s. and german embassies
the democratic national convention gave president obama is still growing bump. yesterday's gallup tracking poll put him at 49% to 45% against mitt romney. romney's problems gaining altitude are not just metaphorical. after campaigning yesterday in virginia, romney and his campaign had to find a flight home when the campaign plane was grounded due to technical problems. right now my story of the week, what the president didn't say in charlotte. this was, i think, my favorite moment in the president's speech on thursday night. >> my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet because climate change is not a hoax. more droughts and floods and wildfires are not a joke. they are a threat to our children's future, and in this election you can do something about it. >> a-fricking-men i say. it was hardly mentioned at all save for three references. so it meant a lot to hear it from the president's own lips. but there's also something distressing in that line, something that haunted me and the entire democratic convention. it was this part. >> and in this election, you c
's going on here? >> the media screwed up and the government -- i mean the obama administration and what they said distorted the story. >> that's true. this is the thing most concerning. president obama kept spinning it as though this was a spontaneous protest. frankly, i think that's a better -- it gives them more of an umbrella of protection to say this was spontaneous. >> political protection. >> yes, than to admit it was clad inspired assassination of an american ambassador. that's difficult to talk about. then questions come up, why didn't we know about it? why didn't we stop it? >> one of the most underappreciated adds speblgts of the story and you alluded to it is how moderate muslims have really stepped up and made their voices heard in this entire scenario. i mean, i won't speak for the other three on the panel by any stretch, but for me, this is the first time that i have seen images of moderates holding up signs, we love you, america. this is not who we are. please forgive us. god bless chris stevens and for anybody to say because what's happened is all doom and gloom, i'm thi
in the court, i think because of citizens united. perhaps they paid more attention around the decision of obama care. not only is there greater interest in the court, but there's also growing concern about the corporate tilt of the supreme court and the fact this is a supreme court that finds in case after case involving big corporations that they should retain power at the expension of the people. there is quite a lot of -- >> i actually think that's an interesting angle. the reason the court has been so -- has loomed to low in political life and the moments it's been a big election issue is because of social issues. i think primarily because of roe. it's because of roe. in some ways, the conservative arguments against roe as a bit of constitutional jurisprudence is taking it out it creates a high stakes battle against the court. not an argument i agree with but one many people make. one of the reasons maybe the courts a little absent from this campaign is because of much of what the jurisprudence has been about. citizens united have not been in the social realm, they have been in the helm of
, although they then endorsed barack obama fairly early on. so, this is the eternal conundrum. labor has no where else to go because that nikki haley is the voice of the party and the democrats know that. the amount of raw union members is declining. and, so, i guess where does this go from here? >> they're a new study came out about the jobs created. the majority of these jobs are low-wage jobs between $7.50 an hour and $13.50 an hour and you can't live on that. >> they're not unionized. >> of course not. >> what is happening right now and i've interviewed a lot of people. they are being fired at $50,000 a year jobs and because people are so desperate for work, they're retirihiring people at the salary with no benefits. >> there's nothing that aids, this is the broader problem. the broader problem with 8% unemployment nothing that aids the bosses more and forget about collective bargaining more than 8% unemployment because where are you going to go? >> rather than the unions spend money on these conventions, $100 million, they should spend money on organizing because collective action i
in the president's favor over the last couple of weeks. the real clear politics polling average now has obama up 4.1 points over mitt romney in national poles. nate silver's prediction model put barack obama's odds of winning the election above 80% for the first time ever. swing state polling just this week seems to confirm the trend. a new quinnipiac "new york times" cbs poll shows surprisingly strong leads for the president. the galup tracking poll shows obama up six points. it's pretty hard to survey the polling data and not come to the conclusion that barack obama is beating mitt romney, that if the election were held today barack obama would win and that romney has a relatively steep though certainly not insurmountable uphill climb to victory. that is if you operate in the alternate epi stem mick universe of the media. >> that begs the question, are these polls dishonest? >> no. look, we endo you them with a falls scientific precision. >> these polls, i don't pay attention to them. >> polling is very good at saying how you're going to vote. it's very bad at saying who's going to vote. >> thes
returning to the prak. on thursday a few hours before president obama was to give his speech accepting the democratic nomination for president he got a phone call informing him of the jobs number for the most o august. they weren't very good. the one month's numbers are often revised and debee what it was in 2000. it's easy to remember the pretty sitting and drafting the speech, thinking how to modulate the tone knowing what the jobs headlines would be the next day. ees ha to walk a fine line between hope and more regard. or maybe more accurately he had to thread them together. the president stepped on stage in charlotte and readjusted expectations. >> the truth is it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. it will require common effort and shared responsibility and the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that frank listen roosevelt pursued during the crisis only worse than this one. >> i love that line because it opens up the possibility of trying things. we just have not been trying anything. congressman nadler, you were in the
president obama. at the values voter summit on friday, republican vice presidential candidate, paul ryan, whose budget was approved with aid to the poor respondsed to new figures showing that 46.2 million americans were living below the poverty line last year, a rate unchanged from the year before. still a rate not seen in this country for nearly 20 years. here is what ryan had to say about obama's record on poverty. >> the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stopped, but because it was passed. here is what we got. for long joblessness across the country. 23 million americans struggling to find work. family income in decline. 15% of americans living in poverty. here we are, four years of economic stewardship under advocates of the poor and what do they have to show for it? more people in poverty and less upper mobility wherever you look. >> it's not the first time this election cycle we have seen the right raise the spectrum of the poor. ift's not to offer prescriptions or remedies, a means of playing on middle class fears of losing ground suggesting they could become impover
that tomorrow. president obama criticized congress in his weekly address this morning for failing to pass the farm bill and other legislation. we'll take a look at how democrats are suddenly putting up a fight for battle in congress. i'm joined by my friend, john nichols, washington correspondent and my colleague at "the nation" magazine. l. joy williams joining the program. a political strategist and part of the program "this week in blackness" who also baked this wonderful tray of banana bread. it was too kind of you. i already had a peace. kevin williamson and ana marie cox. great to have you here. this was quite a week. quite a week in the campaign. quite a week in the campaign. the latest national poll released friday from the national journal has mitt romney trailing president obama nationally seven points among likely voters. while swing state polls from nbc and "the wall street journal" have romney down by five points in colorado and wisconsin and eight points in iowa. it's a testament to the kind of week mitt romney has. it has to count as good news for him that this is all he's
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)